Archery classes on offer


Archery is truely a sport for all, but it is a sport that needs everyone to be competent at all times with what they are doing.

At Illawarra Archers, all members must have completed a Beginner's course with us before they can apply for membership of the club.

Come and Try Archery Course

These sessions are an informal and fun introduction to the sport of archery for anyone, at a low cost of $30 each, with the Club providing equipment and Qualified Archery Australia Instructors. Please note that the minimum age for archery at our Club is 8 years old and all archers under 14 years old need to be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

Each Come and Try Archery Session runs for 1 ½ hours outdoors and is an excellent way to find out if the sport is for you, or for something fun to do during school holidays or on a weekend! 

These sessions provide information about archery, basic safety aspects, parts of the bow, and how-to of archery using a recurve bow, Olympic style. Sessions are conducted at Illawarra Archers Club on Mt Keira Rd (Click here for a map)

To register for a Come and Try Archery session, go to the homepage of this website and simply click on the session date you to attend under Register for Events on the right hand side.  This will lead you into the registration and payment process. If, when you click on a session date the link does not work, the session is probably full – email the Coaching Coordinator to ask, or choose another session date. Sessions are posted as they are added to the Calendar.

Please note that at least one Come and Try Archery session must be successfully completed before starting a Beginner Course.

NOTE: Spaces in these courses are limited and fill quickly; Once a session is full no further entries can be made online for that session. 

Beginner's Course

The Beginners Course is for all new archers (8+ years old) who have successfully completed at least one Come and Try Archery session, and is designed to provide a pathway for those wanting to go to the next level in archery and /or join an Archery Australia club, with the Club providing equipment and Qualified Archery Australia Instructors. Successful completion of a Come and Try Archery session is a prerequisite, as well as an amount of pre-course reading using materials we provide electronically (this is not hard study, but is important to prepare you for the first class of the course). A level of concentration is recommended when undertaking archery, for safety reasons.

Each Beginner Course is run outdoors over 2 classes, of 3 hours each, and is an excellent way to gain an understanding and start in the sport of archery. Classes are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays & during the week during school holidays.

During the Course you will learn more about safety and range etiquette, warming up, types of archery and equipment, some history, and of course how to shoot using a recurve bow; refining and building upon what was learnt in the Come and Try Archery session. Upon successful completion of a Beginner Course, the new archers will have learned the basics of recurve archery, use of a sight, scoring, and should achieve the skill to shoot up to 20m. A Certificate will be issued at the end. There will also be measuring up, equipment information and advice provided for those who will be going further and purchasing their own bow setup. The sport of archery is fun and can be challenging. As well as becoming involved as a Club member - archery can be enjoyed as an individual sport or as a team sport.

You never know - it could be the beginning of an adventure in a sport that can begin as a child and continue well into later years of life.

These classes are compulsory for anyone wishing to join the club who is new to the Sport or is not transferring from another Archery Australia Club. On successful completion of the course you will become eligible to apply for Club membership.

NOTE: Spaces in these courses are limited and fill quickly; Once a session is full no further entries can be made online for that session.